4/17 Progress Reports & Important Informtion

Posted by Jason Kasper on 4/17/2020


The Progress Report 4 window has been extended from Thursday, April 23rd to Thursday, April 30th.       


As a district, grades will begin posting in Skyward using an automated process beginning Thursday, April 30th and will close on May 4th at 11:59pm.  Assignments that appear in the gradebooks ON or BEFORE Thursday, April 30th will be included within Progress Report 4. 


Parents and students will be encouraged to check Skyward’s Student and Family Access for their student’s progress, as progress reports for Q4 will not be printed.  


For students who do not have at least one assignment completed a week, they will see a zero each week. It is up to the students to complete assignments at their own pace but within a reasonable time frame to allow the teacher to apply a grade for the week.


Please adhere to the teacher’s rubric and follow instructions. This is calculated in your grade. Many of you are not reading the posts on the Teacher’s website and Google Classroom. Students need to follow the instructions that have been provided by the teacher to submit the work in Google Classroom (See GOOGLE CLASSROOM STREAM DATES APRIL 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th). The following of instructions includes how to properly submit your work in Google Classroom for a grade. It must be done with DOCHUB and submitted directly in Google Classroom.  According to the teacher’s rubric, if you fail to follow the instructions of submitting work, the teacher reserves the right to deduct points for failure to follow instructions. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to Mr. Kasper.


Also students are required to go into Google Classroom to complete the work assigned. Students who do not have access to internet or a computer/Chromebook need to make arrangements to get a packet of work from the school.


Lastly, any issues or questions with work should be brought to Mr. Kasper’s attention as soon as possible. Work has been structured to not be overwhelming but also provide a high level of learning. If you have a question about something in terms of the content or how to do something, email Mr. Kasper.


Thank you for all you do for our students and stay safe.


Mr. Kasper