4/8 Update from Mr. Kasper

Posted by Jason Kasper on 4/8/2020 4:00:00 PM

Hello All,


I hope you're doing well considering all we have going on in the world. I just want to update you on a few things as we are now a week in on the distance learning.


1. Many students are still adapting to the distance learning program and many are still getting set up on the student learning system. I am trying my best not to overload your schoolwork but also still cover everything we would have.  Please keep this perspective. a. It is all at your own pace (provided you complete one assignment a week for grading) and b. I am giving you work as if it was our normal 5-day school work in a reduced and refined manner. So, please understand the ultimate goal is to keep you up to date with your education. I have been slowly rolling out work to allow you time to get used to the system.


2. Remember you are getting graded once a week for your school work, please get to it in a reasonable time frame - I will be putting the first grade in this week or early next.


3. IMPORTANT - Part of what school work you do for me is the aspect of following instructions. I have dropped two videos at least with one guide on how to get the work into Google classroom. Unfortunately, even after all of this, students are either trying to request to edit PDFs in Google Docs (which is not the way) or emailing me the work. Please follow the proper instructions I've previously provided. I weigh your ability to follow the instruction in with grading, so be sure not to discount yourself by failing to do so. 

Here is a screenshot of how at the minimum if you take a picture of your work, how to get it into Google Classroom (though I prefer you edit it in DOCHUB instead):

Google Classroom



Lastly, stay safe and as updates from the school come across, I will keep you in the loop.


- Mr. K