Attendance and Procedures for Virtual Learning

     Students are expected to check in through Class Dojo each virtual school day by posting the words "Checking In" and the time and date on Class Dojo or by sending an email to by 10:00 am each day. Students that do not check in will be counted as absent for that day.

     I will be available for phone conferences to answer questions between the hours of 10:00-11:00 AM and 1:00-2:00 PM each school day. I am happy to talk to students about their work during this time as long as the parent is there during the phone conversation. I am also working with Mrs. Holt to hold 30 minute Zoom conference calls so that we can work through some lesson activities as a team together. More information next week.

     Students are required to complete classwork assignments in each subject area (including special area classes such as music, art, and PE) as well as 45 minutes of I Ready Reading and 45 minutes of I Ready Math each week. Students are also expected to read for 20 minutes each school day on MyOn or a book of their choice. If the student chooses to read from a source other than MyOn, please send me the title of the book they have chosen to read using Class Dojo or my school email. 

      Beginning April 1st, grades will be posted based on the work your child submits including teacher created assignments based on fourth quarter district curriculum map skills, I Ready participation, and assessments using Stemscopes, Social Studies Weekly on line, Legends of Learning, Edulastic, and Khan Academy.