The Power of a Positive Attitude.

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Understanding the value of a positive attitude is powerful.  Too often this concept gets overlooked. I believe as an educator, it is an obligation to provide young children with a solution to become the best representation of themselves. The first thing that comes to mind is attitude. Attitude is a personal choice and the only thing we have control over. How we interpret life- positively or negatively- determines how far we will go and what can be accomplished. A positive attitude beats a bad attitude any day of the week. It is easier to teach an unskilled person (with a positive attitude) a new trade than a highly skilled unpleasant, overruling and defiant one. This is because the person with the positive attitude will find a way to be coachable through difficult times. A positive attitude maximizes the talent you possess and makes-up for the ones you do not. I strongly believe that attitude matters!

It’s also important to note, being positive is not about being in denial. It’s not about saying “I’m okay!” when you’re not “okay.” Avoiding your feelings is not the solution. It is about acknowledging this internal conflict and exercising self-control- choosing to remain focused and persistent. It is about intentionally making the decision to be positive in all circumstances.  Your attitude speaks volumes about your thought process and how you view the world; it can determine the type of friends we attract and repel away. Externally, you can make an extraordinary impact on people across the world (young and mature) that you have never met based on how you conduct yourself and your attitude belief system. Simply put, you can become an inspiration to others without even knowing! Can you think of a few childhood heroes whose influence shaped your view on the world? Was there someone, a role model or teacher, that you owe your up-bring to?

 If someone would had told me in 1996 as a 5th grader that I would be a future children picture book author, I would have laughed and continued to dream of becoming a professional basketball player. Never once did I think my attitude would determine the course I would charter in life, nor did I imagine I’d be writing about and discussing the subject. Through my journey, I learned about being my authentic self, about putting positive energy into the world and not involving myself around people and things that take joy away.

Equally important, the people we hang around mirror our subconscious feelings and thoughts about the world. Be aware; the company you keep is what you reap! Surround yourself with wise counsel; look for problem-solvers not problem-seekers. These are all lessons that I leveraged and used to help navigate through grade school, college and life after graduation. The next time you look in the mirror, know that you are the difference maker and it all begins with a belief in a positive attitude. All attitude determines altitude! How important is attitude to you?