Update 3/27

Update 3/27

Good morning!


So far, 10 students have signed up on Khan Academy and 8 have been sorted into class! That's great! However, I am unable to identify 2 students based on their display names... so I have a task for those 2 students. If your displayname is lampgirlOWO or s3rdga, please email me (andrea.gattuso@marion.k12.fl.us) saying who you are! That way, I can sort you into the appropriate class, and give you the correct grades for your assignments once that time comes.


So here is what I know so far: 

Instruction will begin on Wednesday, April 1st (no, this isn't a joke!)

Distance learning for this class will be a combination of video notes and Khan Academy practice. I won't give you a lot of problems to do, but Khan Academy is a great resource because if you want to have more practice, you can just keep going!

For now, you guys can play around with the website. Get used to it, review some concepts, and make sure your friends also sign up if they're in any of my class periods!

I will be opening a discussions tab on my website. On this tab, you guys will have the ability to post questions that you have... That way, if I can't get back to you in time, others can help as well. Feel free to help your classmates out if you know the answer to their questions! Please just keep in mind that everything on the internet is permanent, and rude comments will not be tolerated.

Until we are given more direction, please feel free to email me (andrea.gattuso@marion.k12.fl.us)

I do have one last task for you:

If you have any friends in any of my class periods, please check in on them, make sure they're doing alright, and let them know to sign up for khan academy! 

Please check my website daily. This will be my main form of communication for the time-being. 

Take care! 

Ms. Gattuso