Update 4/4

Good afternoon!

Just wanted to add a few announcements now that we're done with our first few days of online learning.

First of all - I am so proud of everyone for rising to the occasion and kicking this off! I understand that this can be confusing- but you're doing great so far! We're all learning this together.


Khan Academy

At this time, everyone should be signed up for Khan Academy... however that is not the case. 

-Right now, about 87% of students in my Advaced section have registered. That's a great start! However, some students have registered with duplicate accounts, so I removed the duplicates that have no progress... If you think I removed you on accident, please let me know! Advanced students (periods 2,3,4,5) can enroll in my class by clicking here. The class code is 9XNZ3EDY

- About 54% of students in my regular classes (periods 1 and 6) have signed up.... That's not gonna fly! If you are in one of my regular math sections, please join my class by clicking here! Class code is 8N7U2Z5Q.



I love that you guys are asking great questions, and i'm glad you've found the discussions section to be useful! However, I would like to set some rules regarding discussions:

1. Please remain respectful while posting in the discussions section. If it is taking too long for a response, bear in mind that teachers have their own lives too and are not available at all hours of the day! If your question is really important, send an email, don't rely on the discussion section.

2. I love that you are finding entertainment in talking to each other... but please use the discussions section only for questions regarding this class... I do get an email every time someone posts, and although the good morning messages are sweet, there are other resources for you to use if you'd like to say hello to your friends. 

3. Before posting a question, please read my announcements/other discussion posts. At this point, it's very likely that the same question has already been asked and answered. 

4. If it is an important question and you just can't wait for an answer, email me!

5. If these rules can't be followed, I have no choice but to remove the discussion section. It is meant to be used as a tool for you guys to help each other, not as a social media platform!


Remind 101

To receive class updates, including when announcements or grades are posted, sign p for remind 101 by texting the class code "@msgattuso" to 81010!



I've narrowed down my method for grading- and here is how it will work. Grades will be posted every Monday, for the week prior. If you had 4 assignments due that week, I will count 3 of them. As long as you receive above a 70% on an assignment, you will receive full credit for it. If you do all 4 assignments in a week, I will count the top 3 scores. 

This week, Periods 1 and 6 will have 2 assignments due (which were assigned on 4/1 and 4/3), so I will count the highest 1. Periods 2,3,4 and 5 will have 3 assignments due, so I will count the highest 2. If you have questions about this scale, please reach out. 


Those are all my announcements for now - please email with any questions!