Email Etiquette is a Must

Posted by Heather Ramirez on 3/25/2020

Since we are 100% online from now until who knows when, I expect all of my students to compose themselves with dignity and respect when making online communications.


Email Etiqutte: please give a greeting (Dear___), followed by a friendly statement (I hope you are having a good day), followed by the issue/question/concern written in a friendly manner without making demands or accusations, followed then by a salutation and your name (Sincerely,___).


Remember to use positive sentence starters:

-Could you please help me understand...

-Would you mind if...

-I think you might have made a mistake...

-Please and thank you


Compose yourself as the young lady or young man you are becoming when you email teachers and adults in general.  Having a conversation with an adult is considered formal, unlike having a conversation with your friends in which slang and text-speak, etc., are fine.  Remember to try to spell and punctuate to the best of your ability when emailing an adult, especially your Language Arts teacher. 


Use every online communication to represent who you are and who you are becoming because once that email is sent, it can never be erased.


Think before you email. 


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