Spelling Vocab List

Posted by Twila Tufts Haeser on 9/14/2019 6:00:00 AM

Students spelling lists will be a combination of vocabulary root/pre fix/suffixes and commonly mispelled words. The first ten words are the vocabulary and the second ten are spelling. Students will take Weekly Tests on Friday. Spelling Tests are error anaylsis. 

1. a (not) 2. anti(against) 3. bi (two) 4. bio(life) 5.cent (100)    6.less (without) 7.post (after)  8. pre (before) 9. sub (under)  10. un (not) 11. achieve 12. basically 13. beginning 14. believe 15. certain.16. decide 17. difference 18. environment             20. perceive


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