Upcoming assignments:

IB SPN 2- Quiz on pretrite tense. Study regulars, irregulars, and verbs that change meaning in this tense. To take place on block day (9/19 or 9/20)


SPN 2- Quiz on present tense verbs: study regulars, irregulars, stem-changers, and irregular "yo" forms. To take place on block day (9/19 or 9/20)


FOR ALL CLASSES: want extra practice and immediate feedback before the grammar quiz? Go to your e-textbook site for SPN 2 in your course list, click enroll in a course, scroll down to Descubre 1(the old text book), and find your class (IB2 or SPN2) next to Osborn. Enroll and practice for hours! No penalty, just practice. The quizzes will look very similar to VHL activities. 


No computer at home? Go to your nearest public library or come in early/stay late to use the computers here.