Week 4: Short Block Week!

Posted by David Rau on 9/5/2019

Hello! Today in our block period we reviewed the following material, some of its old, a bit of it's new. 

You have 7 Khan assignments to do, so look at the notes below and get them done!

Some of them you have done before, I need them completed again please. 

Order of Least Frustration: 

1. Add and Subtract

2. Plot Complex #'s

3. Powers of the imaginary Unit

Remember, just find the largest multiple of four, it simplifies to 1, and find the remainder

4. Divide Complex Numbers

Almost every answer will be reducable and must be reduced to get the answer correct

5. Find Composite Functions

6. Evaluate Composite Functions

7. Factor Polynomials

The Factor Polynomials with complex is going to be HARD and there is MORE THAN ONE answer usually. You will most likely have to foil out all options in order to find the correct answers.