Dress Code

All Attendees and Chaperones are REQUIRED to wear a mask at all times at prom.

You may remove your mask momentarily for photos and while seated and eating. All food and drink must be consumed while seated at your assigned table.


Dress Code for Ladies: 

  • Dress must be knee-length or below
  • Strapless & spaghetti straps OK
  • No excess cleavage
  • Open back to MID-BACK only
  • Nothing see through or holes (which means no two piece dresses)
  • No slits higher than 4 in above knee
  • Dress shoes and/or flats (no bare feet)
  • No boots, sneakers, chains, etc.

Dress Code for Gentlemen: 

  • Formal tuxedo or suit
  • Dress shirt, tie, dress pants
  • Dress shoes
  • No boots, sneakers, chains, etc.