How should my notebook be set up?

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■The first 10-15 pages will be for Bell Work.

There are 18 weeks in the semester, so this gives you 1 side of each page for the 4 bell works each week, with 1-6 extra physical pages (2-12 extra sides to write on) in case you run long in your answers a few times. The extra pages are also for the students who have larger handwriting. If you know you write big and a lot, you may want to give yourself extra pages to work with. Do at least 10 physical pages, but you can do as many as 15.

■The 11th/16th page (the next page after your bell work pages) should be folded into an “arrow”

–Fold each corner of the page back to create the arrow

Write the word “Classwork” on the arrow page

■The rest of the pages will be for things we do in class. Whether I have you take notes or answer questions or even if we do some kind of worksheet that could be glued onto the page. In each instance, I will have you label the top of the page with a title about what we are doing and then we will go from there.