Graduation 2020 FAQs

Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 1/24/2020


  • Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 6 PM
    • Time: 6:00 PM (procession begins at 5:30 PM from Performing Arts Center (PAC)
    • Location: Football Stadium
    • Gates open: 5:00 PM for families and guests
    • Senior Arrival: Seniors must be in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at 4


  • Cap and Gown’s may be ordered online at
    • There is a good chance you already have an order with Rhodes Graduation locked in at the pre-Christmas price of $42. Please see Mr. Langenmayr’s website for instructions on how to check your order status.
    • How much is cap and gown? Right now, new orders are priced at $78 for the Basic Grad-Pack
    • Basic Grad-Pack is all you are required to purchase to participate in the graduation ceremony.
    • Basic Grad-Pack includes the following: Cap/Gown/Tassel/Medallion
    • May I wear a borrowed cap and gown? Yes, if worn by a previous West Port graduate.  This means that the cap and gown must be the same style we are using this year.  That’s why we ask that it be from a previous West Port grad.
    • Rhodes Graduation will be visiting West Port between now and May 1st. You can pay for your orders at any of these visits.  Many students choose to place their orders now and pay for their orders in installments between now and the beginning of May. 
    • DO NOT OVER ORDER…lots of students get excited and order a large and expensive package full of extra stuff they may wear once or twice or never at all. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF and talk it over with your parents before you order a bunch of expensive grad gear you may not care much about by the time the ceremony comes around. 
    • It may be difficult to change or cancel your order…BE SURE.
    • You may not get a full refund.
  • Dress Code for Graduation and Baccalaureate Ceremonies:
    • Girls:    A dress, or skirt and blouse, or dress pants outfit, and dress shoes. 
    • Boys:    White dress shirt with dark slacks, a tie, and dark dress shoes/dress boots.
    • Both: No jeans, denim, shorts, flip flops, shower shoes, or tennis shoes will be allowed. 


Important senior dates:

  • Graduation Announcement Delivery April 13th-14th invitations you send out to friends/family
  • Final grades from on-line classes April 15th…subject to change
  • All debts must be paid                 May 1st Before you will be allowed to walk in the ceremony
  • Senior Book Return Early May--Before you can walk in the ceremony
  • Graduation Cap and Gown Delivery May 5th
  • Senior Exams Begin May 11th    
  • Graduation Practice—FULL DAY May 15th —this is MANDATORY—Plan to be here a full day.
  • Baccalaureate Ceremony May 20th —6 PM-will take place in the PAC—OPTIONAL
  • Graduation Wednesday, May 27th graduates report to PAC at 4 PM 


Please visit Mr. Langenmayr’s (Graduation Coordinator) Website/Blog/Calendar for detailed information concerning graduation.  You can access his website by visiting under the Faculty and Staff option.  Please e-mail additional questions to