Welcome to IB Biology SL

Posted by Christine Garand Scherer on 8/4/2019

Welcome to IB Biology SL!

This is a one-year college-level course.  Students will take the IB SL test on May 7-8, 2020 for college credit and points towards the IB diploma.


There is a 40-hour lab work requirement for IB SL biology which will be supplemented with fun activities such as modeling with Play-doh, acting out processes (sometimes this will occur outside!), tabletop drawings, Flashketballs, and other fun but educationally rich undertakings. 

The course requires the completion of a Group 4 project, an IA (Internal Assessment- An independent lab project), and an EA (External Assessment consisting of 3 papers.)

Expect to work hard, learn much, and have fun!


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