Looking Ahead!

6th Grade Students 

Welcome to our New Year 2020!

Parents please refer to the details below. As we begin our new year and new quarter, your assistance would be appreciated to restock supplies where needed. Thank you.

  • SUPPLIES: *(2) Notebooks (reading focused notes and bell work/homework journal) *(1) 4 pack-Glue sticks or (1) 2 pack roll scotch tape  *(1) pack of 12  sharpened pencils  *1 multi-pack of post-it sticky notes (pastel colors).    
  • Textbooks, Workbooks, and ResourcesBooks and Reading Notebooks will be kept in class, unless directed otherwise. 
  • HOMEWORK "R&R" Rigorous Reading: Nightly homework will require you to read a book of choice. Use critical thinking during the reading process and respond to your thinking with Focus Notes.    
  • LMS Big 3: Do your best. Do what's right. Treat others the way you want to be treated. "You have the potential to achieve great things!"