Looking Ahead!

6th Grade Students 

Your schedule will reflect Reading 2nd, 5th, 6th Period or AVID Elective 3rd or 4th. Come ready with an open mind and determination to excel! 6th grade is the stepping stone into middle school and it also builds the foundation for academic excellence beyond 8th grade.

  • SUPPLIES: *(2) Notebooks (reading focused notes and bellwork/homework journal) *(1) 4pack-Glue sticks or (1) 2pack roll scotch tape  *(1) pack of 12  sharpened pencils (1) favorite photo of yourself (no larger than 2'' x 4'' or 3'' x 5'')  *1 multi-pack of post-it sticky notes (pastel colors).    
  • Textbooks, Workbooks, and ResourcesBooks and ISN (interactive student notebook) will be kept in class, unless directed otherwise. 
  • HOMEWORK "R&R" Rigorous Reading: Nightly homework will require you to read (grade and content appropriate). Use the 5 W's (Who, What, When, Where, Why) strategy during the reading process to think, ask questions, and respond to your questions as you read. **Reading Students-Search out and obtain a copy of "Wonder" an inspiring book by R.J. Palacio. We will explore the fictional text that will teach a non-fictional life lesson. Always remember, "we are beautifully and wonderfully made with a purpose in mind! **AVID Elective Students-Use independent study time at home to search out real world text that provides an opportunity to make new discoveries about AVID (locally and globally), future courses of study, or future careers. Yes, your cell phone will be a helpful device for R&R! :-)