School Supplies

 If you have not done so already, please send in wired earbuds/headphones with your student so they have them for computer work!  They like having their own and we only have a few  provided for everyday classroom use. They are stored in ziplock bags with their name and they are the only one that uses the headphones that they bring in.

Mrs. Fried’s and Mrs. Smith’s Supply List for 4th grade

❑ 3 plastic folders with pockets and prongs (red, yellow, blue)

❑ 1 pair of scissors

❑ 1 box of colored pencils

❑ 4 composition notebooks (hardcover with no designs)

❑ 1 package of expo markers (4 pack)

❑ 2 packages of number 2 pencils

❑ 2 reams of wide rule notebook paper

❑ 1 pair of earbuds

❑ 1 package of highlighters

❑ 1 bag of individually wrapped candy (starburst)

Boys ❑ Band- Aids

Girls ❑ Kleenex