IMPORTANT Government Unit 2 Test Makeup/Retake Info

Grades for the Unit 2 Test are posted to Skyward. Due to circumstances surrounding the overall class performance on this test, I am offering retakes to fully replace your test grade, with a few adjustments/requirements:
1. Makeups/retakes will be given during office hours through Feb. 18th (Monday). Contact me if you cannot make it up during office hours so we can make another arranged time.
2. To take a retake, you MUST have turned in/turn in a completed study guide before being given a retake exam. This shows me that you have done the minimum amount of studying and have committed to improving your grade. Graded study guides will be redistributed so you can use them to study. 
3. I am altering the format of the test. For the short response questions (21-30), you are only required to answer FIVE out of the TEN questions. The test will still be out of 30 points, so each short response answer will count twice. This will give you student choice for which questions you feel confident in answering. 
4. If you want to go over your test and review what to study, come in during office hours to look it over. I WILL ONLY GIVE BACK TESTS AFTER RETAKES/MAKEUPS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED. This is to ensure test security. 
Email me if you have any additional questions!