Late Assignments

Homework: Late homework is not accepted. It is assigned on Monday and due Friday. Since students are given a week to complete the assignment, accepting late homework in this case is not fair to the other students, or Mrs. Carey.


Classwork: Late classwork is allowed if a student is absent on the day the assignment is given. Absent students are responsible for checking with Mrs. Carey for assignments missed. Late classwork from students present when the classwork was assigned will be deducted 10 points if turned in the same week the work was assigned. After the first week, late classwork will not be accepted.


Tests/ Quizzes: Students will need to make up any tests or quizzes missed due to absences. If a test or quiz was simply not finished within the time alloted, students will need to complete the assignment the next class period or risk the grading of an incomplete test or quiz.