Dual Enrollment Steps

Posted by Bobby Aultman on 7/27/2018

#1 - Must complete 10th grade

#2 - Must have 3.0 Unweighted Cumulative Grade Point Average
#3 - Must have passing test scores for high school graduation (FSA/EOC)
#4 - Must have passing college placement scores (PERT/ACT/SAT)
#5 - Must complete online application at CF.edu prior to application deadline
#6 - Must turn in signed parental consent form & official proof of test scores to guidance (parental consent form is emailed to you after the application is complete) prior to application deadline
#7 - Must request transcript sent from front office of high school to CF (give 24 hours notice) prior to application deadline
#8 - Must complete online orientation, schedule date to register
#9 - Review class options online
#10 - Must email selections to school counselor
#11 - Follow up and confirm your selections on your MyCF portal
Questions? After you have completed your application check your myCF portal to see what process needs to be completed next :)