Counselor Visits

Posted by Bobby Aultman on 6/9/2015

As a school counselor, I feel it is important students interact with me in my office and in the classroom, as well as on campus.
Part of my mission to make sure I get the most information to the most students, I make small group presentations at least two times each school year. In the fall I typically meet with students in their English classes, in the spring I see them in History classes. These small group presentations consist of less than 15 students for more than 100 minutes.
Class presentations include (but are not limited to):
  • Each student receiving an individual printout of the grades & test scores they have earned to date in their high school career, including their current grade point averages.
  • Graduation; requirements, checklists & myths
  • How to check grades & test scores, THE PORTAL
  • Each student receives a Florida Next Trend College and Career Preparation Magazine, and a thorough review of its contents, including Bright Futures information and college/university expectations, deadlines and some projected costs. Information about career prep and money management is also included.
  • An activity to review information on scholarships, community service expectations, the difference between state universities, colleges, state colleges, vocational/trade schools and private institutions.
  • ACT vs SAT; how to sign up and the differences between the tests
  • How to contact me & how to navigate my website

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