9 Week Time Card

Click on this (^ "9 Week Time Card") and it will download the Microsoft Spreadsheet containing all 4 quarters during the school year.


Open the downloaded file.


At the top, before you can do anything, you will need to click "Enable Editing."


Make sure the correct 9-week quarter is selected (bottom left corner)


Fill in the information at the top of the sheet.


Fill in the times you worked throughout the 9 weeks.
You must type the times correctly - excel is picky about how the data is entered. If you need to enter 3pm for example, you canNOT put "3pm" or even " 3:00pm" (note the wrong spaces, before the 3 and none between 0 and p). It must be entered as "3:00 pm" If the data is not entered correctly, you will get a VALUE! error code. Ask me and I can help if you are having trouble.


Enter all times you worked and the sheet will autocalculate all hours worked during the 9 weeks.


At the bottom, make sure the business name and phone number is typed.


Print this sheet, bring it to your employer, have your manager/boss write their name and sign the sheet.




Turn in the 9 week time card and the Employer Evaluation by the given due dates.


Reminders will be sent out using Remind.


9 Week Time Card All Qtrs.xlsx, 58.45 KB; (Last Modified on August 12, 2019)