Course Description


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The relevance of psychology in contemporary society is considerable.  Psychology is now used to underpin many aspects of our lives – it is used in organizing businesses, in planning our shops and homes, in treating medical conditions and to improve how we learn. Every study is undertaken with a specific purpose in mind which can then be applied in everyday life – whether it is improving our lives in general, understanding how groups of people behave or treating a disorder. By understanding psychology, we can improve how we live our lives and society in general.

The purpose of this course is to encourage an interest in and appreciation of psychology through an exploration of the ways in which psychology is conducted. This exploration includes: • a review of a number of important research studies • an opportunity to look at the ways in which psychology has been applied.

This goals of this course are: 

  • to provide an introduction to psychological concepts, theories, and research findings 
  • to create an understanding of the range and limitations of psychological theory and practice 
  • to encourage candidates to explore and understand the relationship between psychological findings and everyday life 
  • to develop skills of analysis, interpretation, application, and evaluation 
  • to develop an understanding of ethical issues in psychology, including the moral and ethical implications of psychological research 
  • to promote an appreciation and understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity 
  • to study psychological approaches, issues and debates and research methods 
  • to improve communication skills.