Google Meet 4/1/2020

For those who did not get a chance to join in on the call this afternoon here is the breakdown of what was talked about:

Assignments will be 2-3 times weekly, nothing too heavy mostly taken from your guided reading workbook.
The due dates will be about a week from the assignment date and will all be on the same date if I post them at the same time, just look at the assignment details.

I will be posting a PowerPoint that I comment over to alleviate the lack of face to face lecture. You can write notes on the PowerPoint and save them for future reference.

Once a week we will have Google Meet conferences to talk about questions and get in a little social time. I have heard that if you sign in with you personal gmail account Google Meet works fine so if you had trouble this time, no worries, try that next time. If that doesn't work, just call in using the provided phone number and pin. Please MUTE YOURSELVES when you pop into the meetings because background noise is near deafening to everyone and serves as a distraction. If you need to speak, post in the chat or un-mute yourself.

The next Google Meet will be on Friday 4/3/2020 at 12 PM for 8th Grade where we will discuss the PowerPoint I'll be posting tonight on the Causes of the Civil War and at 1 PM for 6th Grade to discuss the beginnings of Ancient Rome PowerPoint that I will be uploading tonight as well.

The expectation is for the students to click through the commentated PowerPoint, listen to the lecture, and take notes as they go. Whether the dtudents want to take physical notes on paper for themselves or download the PowerPoint and take notes on there, does not matter to me as they are not for a grade but will come in handy for tests and quizzes.

If you have any questions in the meantime please email me.

It was awesome to see/hear from you guys, we'll get through this together!

-Mr. Millman