Google Meet

Good evening everyone!

I have been looking at a way for the classes to meet that is included in the Google package used by Marion County Schools. It is called Google Meet and is accessed through Google Classroom so no one without the link (to my knowledge) can access the meeting without permission. This alleviates the concern that Zoom has presented recently with unwanted strangers accessing the streams. I will be setting up a test run with the students tomorrow. At 12 PM tomorrow, my 8th Grade students will be invited on Google Classroom via a link posted on there by myself the same thing for my 6th Grade classes at 1 PM. Parents are more than welcome to attend of course but this is more of a trial run to see how the system works with 4 periods of students in at once. In these meetings I will go over the structure of the foreseeable future and how things will run in the online envirionment. If anyone has any questions about anything I'd love to answer them then!


I'm excited to see you all (virtually) soon!

-Mr. Millman