July 2020

Posted by David Reaves on 7/1/2020

From "Summer Slide" to "Summer Stride"

Community Reads

Summer Stride is defined as taking steps toward a specific goal to prepare children for the upcoming school year. It promotes parental support at home and summer is the perfect time for your child to continue learning in a fun and exciting way.


Support your child now, before the new school year begins. Last month, we shared how students’ reading skills may decline if they are and not engaged in reading activities throughout the summer. We encourage you to check out the tips below to support your child’s continuous learning and to help prepare them for the next grade level.


Your support at home is important. Our “Community Reads!” website provides great insight to understanding how you can help make the new school year an outstanding experience. The suggestions below support these efforts and help prepare your child for a fabulous start:


  • Investigate – What does my child know now? –Visit bealearninghero.org and complete the readiness check to find out what your child knows before entering the next grade level. Suggested resources from this website will support your child’s learning needs at home for the summer.


  • Strengthen Life Skills – Engage your child in real-world skills. Whether it’s on the playground or at home, show your child how to problem solve, learn from mistakes, and communicate well with others.


  • Daily Show Me – Tell Me Time – Take time to explore your child’s interests as they read and play at home. Make time for meaningful conversations and engaging activities using resources from our "Community Reads!" site. Ask your child to teach you what he/she has learned each day. This helps them review important skills and build confidence!


  • Discover the fun in your community! – There are places and spaces to learn all around you! Explore local library programs, recreational centers, parks, and museums to discover new interests. Talk about what you learned and enjoyed during your visit.