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School Canvas Information

Accessing Canvas for the first time -


A few reminders to access Canvas as Observers:


Ø  Parents must have an active Skyward Family Access account

Ø  Parents will use their Skyward Family Access Account username when logging into Canvas (it is typically their lastnamefirstname) – not their email – Can be found in Skyward (Student Profile - General - Web Access)

Ø  All Canvas Observers MUST select Forgot Password at initial login to set a password in Canvas.  This will send a reset password link to their email account associated with their active Skyward Family Access account. 

Ø  Parents/guardians must allow 24-48 hours (typically a nightly roll) if they are a new family to Skyward Family Access.  Once their account is rolled into Canvas (24-48 hours), they will select the “Forgot Password” to access Canvas for the first time.     



Please contact the school if you have any questions of need assistance. Sparr Elementary School 352-671-6060.