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Petition To Object To Instructional Materials Selected For Adoption

  1. As provided in section 1006.28 Florida Statutes, and School Board Policy 4.21, for this petition to be considered, you must:
    • Be the parent of a MCPS enrolled student or resident of Marion County.
    • Complete all sections in full (specifically, the form must include all required information, including contact information and electronic signature).
    • State the objection to the instructional materials based on the criteria of 1006.31(2) or 1006.40(3)(d).
    • Submit the form electronically by the deadline stated below.
  2. No petition will be accepted or considered after the deadline.  As stated in section 1006.28, Florida Statutes, the petition must be filed within 30 calendar days after the meeting in which the School Board adopts any instructional material.
  3. Pursuant to section 1006.28, Florida Statutes, all proper petitions will be reviewed by the Marion County School Board at a public hearing.  The School Board’s decision after convening this hearing is final and not subject to further petition for review.
  4. Petitions must be received electronically no later than 11:59PM on May 12, 2022.  Forms and questions may be submitted to .
  5. Petitions are available online at