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Belleview High School Cambridge AICE Program #1 Magnet Program in Marion County!

Top 10 percent in nation, according to the Washington Post

For the third consecutive year, all seven of Marion County’s traditional public high schools were ranked on the Washington Post’s most challenging list, which means they all placed in the top 10 percent of the nation’s 23,000 high schools.

It also was the third consecutive year (Note - Actually 6th as we have been #1 in the Challenge Index since 2012) that Belleview High School was ranked the highest of the county’s high schools on the prestigious “Most Challenging High Schools” list. Only Belleview and Vanguard made the ranking in 2014.

This is the fifth year the Washington Post has conducted this project. It took over the former Newsweek high school ranking list that was conducted for years.

The newspaper ranked the top high schools based on the number of college-level exams taken by students, including for the International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) and Advanced Placement (AP) programs.

The number of tests at each school was divided by the number of graduating seniors. The schools that averaged at least one advanced test per graduate made the ranking. The latest ranking is based on 2015-16 numbers.

“It’s great to see our high schools recognized for the hard work they do,” Superintendent of Schools Heidi Maier said. “This spotlight is great for our students, teachers, parents, and administrators. We still have lots to accomplish to help all 43,000 of our students succeed.”

Here is how the high schools, listed in alphabetical order, fared: Belleview (No. 416), Dunnellon (No. 2,186), Forest (No. 1,613), Lake Weir (No. 1,636), North Marion (No. 1,400), Vanguard (No. 751) and West Port (No. 1,207)

By Joe Callahan
May 8, 2017