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Magnet & School Choice Applications


Students interested in applying for one of our magnet or school choice programs may use the link below to access the Marion County Magnet and School Choice Application.


School Choice Website


How do I complete the magnet application form?

You can access the online application by following the steps below:

  • Log on to the Marion County Public Schools website: CLICK HERE
  • View the School Choice Application Video Guide (approximately 10 minutes long)
  • Click on the link above the video labeled when you are ready to begin

For the list of West Port magnet programs, CLICK HERE

You can have it all at West Port! 

Students can select more than one magnet program simultaneously. For example, a student could be in the Theatre magnet program and the Early College program at the same time! For more details, please contact the West Port MCCA cordinator, Laurie Reeder at


For answers to some frequently asked questions, please click on the FAQ Link: CLICK HERE

Apply and become a member of the West Port Wolf Pack!

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