• Think about the qualities it takes to be a good leader.

    With your group, determine someone who was a good leader in history. (Note: Just because they were a good leader does not mean that they were a good person.)

    • Create a presentation about the person that has the following:
    • ­Pictures/Video
    • ­Definition of leadership (in your words)
    • ­Information about the person’s historical significance
    • ­Quotes from the person
    • How the person fits the 3 fundamentals of good leadership

    Everyone in your group should help present the information to the class. The presentation should be between 5-10 minutes in length.

    Do not read directly from the PowerPoint. The PowerPoint should only contain bulleted information, not everything under the sun.

    You must have a correctly cited bibliography. That is not just a list of websites.


    Presentations will be Thursday September 13th and Friday September 14th.