• Mar. 25:  get index cards; go over 9/11 ER documentary questions; Homework - due Wed.  1.What does EMS stand for?  2.How can you contact EMS here in Marion County?  3.What services does EMS provide?  4.What is the number for Poison Control?

    Mar. 26:  Get First Aid / CPR Study Guide; Title the next page in Composition Notebook, “First Aid Questions”.  read pgs. 379-382, Information, Providing First Aid Answer:  1.What is a definition of first aid?  2.How should you act in a situation where first aid treatment is necessary?  3.What is the first step of first aid?  4.How can you recognize that an emergency exists?  5.What is the second step of first aid?

    Mar. 27:  EMS Questions due; get Term Set # 20; Begin Health Center 21 - Intro to Emergency Care

    Mar. 28 & 29:  Glisson out - sub:  begin First Aid Packet from red book

    Apr. 1:  Begin setting up First Aid Cards (click here for directions)

    Apr. 2:  FSA Writing - no 1st or 2nd period; catch up day for 6th

    Apr. 3:  Term Quiz # 20, Term Set # 21; do cards for puncture wound, avulsion, amputation & how to control bleeding

    Apr. 4 & 5:  go over cards for bleeding and wounds; practice controlling bleeding; do cards for Shock, Types of Shock & Poisoning

    Apr. 8:  go over cards for Shock, types of shock and poisoning; do cards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree burns

    Apr. 9:  Go over Burns; do cards for Heat cramps, heat exhaustion, & heat stroke

    Apr. 10:  Mock Disaster - Alternative Assignment for those not participating

    Apr. 11 & 12:  Mock Disaster de-brief; Term Quiz 21; term set 22

    Apr. 15:  Go over heat-related illnesses; do cards for hypothermia & frostbite; work on HC21 - Intro to Emergency Care

    Apr. 16:  go over cards for cold-related illnesses; do cards for:  fracture, dislocation, sprain, strain, Then, read & take notes (on paper) on how to apply splints, Finish Health Center – Intro to Emergency Care – turn in, First Aid worksheet

    Apr. 17:  Early Release Day - School wide Career Day

    Apr. 18 & 19:  Go over bone & joint injuries; practice splints & slings; finish HC21 - Intro to Emergency care

    Apr. 22:  Quiz on HC21 - Intro to Emergency Care; HC21 CPR Questions

    Apr. 23:  work on HC21 CPR Questions

    Apr. 24:  Term Quiz #23; Term Set #24; Finish HC21CPR Questions - must be done by next class

    Apr. 25 & 26:  HC21 CPR Quiz; do cards for eye injury, ear injury, nose injury, chest injury, abdominal injury & injury to genitals; practice First Aid

    Apr. 29:  do cards for fainting, head injury & seizure / convulsions; work on First Aid Packet; practice First Aid

    Apr. 30:  go over cards from yesterday; do cards for diabetic coma & diabetic / insulin shock; work on First Aid Packet; practice First Aid

    May 1:  FSA Reading day 1 - 2-4-6 modified schedule, no 2nd; catch up day for 4th & 6th

    May 2:  FSA Reading day 2 - 1-3-5 modified schedule, no 1st

    May 3:  Term Quiz 24, Term Set 25, do cards for heart attack, stroke (cerebrovascular accident), choking (airway obstruction)

    May 6:  go over cards, wrok on 1st Aid Packet

    List of First Aid Cards (in proper order)

    May 7:  6-4-2 modified block; begin airway obstruction practice

    May 8:  Modified 5-1-6 block schedule; work on First Aid packet; skills practice

    May 9 & 10:  First Aid Cards dueTerm Quiz 25; finish & turn in packet; practice CPR

    May 13 & 14:  Algebra & Geometry EOC testing; 6th period - practice CPR