• Jan. 3 & 4:  Review Organizaion of Nervous system; Action Potential Matching Game; Read & take notes on parts of reflex arc and differentiate somatic / autonomic reflexes; Color & label brain diagram

    Jan. 7:  Go over brain diagram; CNS Matrix - due tomorrow

    Jan. 8:   CNS Matrix due;Brain Box

    Jan. 9:  Finish Brain Box; go over CNS Matrix

    Jan. 10 & 11:  Neurology Activity (Lab); Spinal cord diagram

    Jan. 14:  Go over spinal cord diagram and functions; Eye and Ear Diagram

    Jan. 15:  Review Eye & Ear Diagram; Senses Chart

    Jan. 16:  Turn in Senses Chart; Senses Notes 

    Jan. 17 & 18:  Nervous & Senses Test; Blood Worksheet

    Jan. 21:  MLK Jr. Day - No School

    Cardiovascular System Notes

    Jan. 22:  turn in Blood Worksheet; Hmwk - label heart diagrams; print out CVS notes; Class work - read pgs. 362-366 (book in class) and answer:  1.What are the layers of the heart from outer-most to inner-most?  2.What is the difference between atria and ventricles in terms of location, structure and function?  3.Starting with the vena cava, what is the path of blood through the heart? Include the trip to the lungs, blood vessels & specific valves.; On the diagram showing the inside of the heart:  –Color the portion red where oxygenated blood would be located, –Color the portion blue where deoxygenated blood would be located, –Add arrows to show the direction of blood flow through the heart (just do on one side)

    Jan. 23 - Early Release Day:  go over Heart diagrams

    Jan. 24 & 25:  CVS Packet

    Jan. 28:  Go over Blood worksheet / Blood notes

    Jan. 29:  Begin going over CVS notes; hmwk - label Chambers & Valves diagrams

    Jan. 30:  go over Chambers & Valves diagram; finish going over CVS notes; Fill in EKG diagram

    Jan. 31 & Feb. 1:  BP Pamphlet Assigned; Pulse & BP Lab

    Feb. 4:  Finish Pulse & BP lab; Fetal vs. Adult Circulation Chart

    Feb. 5:  Go over Fetal Circulation; Lymphatic Diagrams

    Feb. 6:  BP Pamphlet Due; Lymphatic System Worksheet

    Feb. 7 & 8:  p. 402-408 - answer 1.What are the 2 parts of the lymphatic system?  What does each part do?  2.What do lymph nodes do?  3.For each of the following, tell where it is located and what it does.  1.Spleen  2.Thymus gland  3.Tonsils  4.Peyer’s patches  5.Mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue (MALT); Go over Lymphatic Diagrams; Go over Lymphatic Worksheet

    Feb. 11:  Glisson out - in Media Center Lymphatic Packet

    Feb. 12:  Glisson out - sub today  Answer the following questions from the book in the classroom:  p. 358-359, # 14, 15, 20, 23-25; p. 400-401 #20, 21, 25, 27, 28, 29, 33, 34, 38, 45.

    Feb. 13:  Kahoot Review; go over Lymphatic Packet; continue working on questions from yesterday

    Feb. 14 & 15:  finish questions from Tuesday & turn in; TEST - Blood, CVS & Lymphatic Systems; Answer questions p. 467 # 8-12, 14-22; label Respiratory System Diagrams

    Feb. 19:  Go over Respiratory System Diagrams; begin Respiratory Notes; work on questions from block day

     Feb. 20:  Finish Respiratory System Notes (part A); work on questions p. 467

    Feb. 21 & 22:  Balloon Lung Capacity Lab; Respiratory System Packet

    Feb. 25:  Respiratory System Packet Due; Breathing Notes; go over questions pgs. 467

    Feb. 26:  REview for Respiratory Quiz

    Feb. 27:  Early Release / Academy Day

    Feb. 28 & Mar. 1:  Respiratory Quiz; Fill in digestive System Diagrams; Digestive System Work

    Mar. 4:  Digestive System Work due; go over Digestive diagram; assign Digestive Model Project

    Mar. 5:  planning time for Digestive Model Project; begin Digestive System Notes

    Mar. 6:  Finish Digestive System Notes

    Mar. 7 & 8:  Digestive Model Project work day

    Mar. 11:  Cracker digestion demo; 30 minute proejct work day

    Mar. 12:  Go over Digestive System Work; Answer the following & turn in:  1.What are the 6 essential activities of the GI tract?  Describe each.  2.What is physical digestion?  Where does it occur?  3.What is chemical digestion?  Where does it occur?  4.What is peristalsis?

    Mar. 13 & 14:  Finish questions from 3/12 (if necessary); Control of Digestion worksheet