Electronic Music


    The MCCA Electronic Music class gives students an opportunity to experience real-world use of digital recording equipment and its use in today's vast media markets. The student will learn to operate and maintain all types of computer and audio equipment. They will record and produce music, commercials and television/movie sound tracks, which will include all necessary sound effects, dialog and music. They will create background music for all types of school productions. They will assist in the setup and production of sound for choir, clubs, and other groups throughout the school.






    mr marino Mr. Dean Marino, Instructor  


    Dean Marino has been teaching in Marion County for the past 13 years and received his Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Composition from California State University, Northridge. He also has certifications in Composing and Arranging, Jazz Piano and Film Scoring from The Grove School of Music. Before becoming an educator, Mr. Marino worked in Los Angeles, California as a musician/composer-arranger/music editor. He received an Emmy nomination in 1996 for music editing and was named Marion County Teacher of the Year in 2003.


    Mr. Marino also teaches our Rock Band Program.