Senior Information

  • Welcome to the Class of 2019 Homepage.


    Seniors and Parents.  Please click on the link below to see the dates that have been advertised for the upcoming year.  Keep checking each month as things might change or get added.

    Email: Victoria Miller for questions.


     GRADUATION INFORMATION - Please read this carefully as it goes over everything needed for the end of the year.


    Baccalaureate Information:

    -Submitting any photos Grads would like included in the slideshow (email to by 5/6)

    -Location, date and time of service- Church @ The Springs 5/14 @ 700 (grads arrive at 615).

    -Invitations were mailed on 5/15 so they should have received one, if not we can provide additional ones to those that had not arrived.



    Updated Senior Dates as of 3/12/19


    Senior Class Meeting Information:

    Senior Class Meeting Powerpoint - Updated 3/29/19


    Senior Information Sheet - This was given out at the senior meeting with important upcoming dates for the seniors.  Please read carefully


    Here is a list of information about graduation tickets:

    1. Everyone that is attending graduation as a guest will need a ticket this year, unless you work at FHS
    2. Only the SENIOR themselves may get the tickets from me starting April 22nd (I will NOT sell to parents, friends or anyone else – only to the senior No exceptions.  They have sign for the tickets).  If seniors are not on campus daily – they will need to come on campus to get the tickets during the days of April 22nd – May 9th
    3. Each senior will get 5 tickets for free, then may purchase up to 7 more for $1.00 each
    4. Children 5 and under are free and do not need a ticket
    5. If an underclassmen wants a ticket – they must get it from a senior
    6. There will NOT be any tickets sold at the front desk to the public or at the door/gate the day of graduation
    7. The last day a senior can get their first allotted amount will be May 9th
    8. All extra tickets will be sold to seniors only at the luncheon on May 10th through graduation practice, May 16th
    9. There will not be reserved seating except for the following:  Val and Sal, Sr. Class President, Faculty members with graduating seniors, and handicapped
    10. Seniors will need to come to me to get passes for handicapped seats (this is not in place of a ticket – they will still need a ticket to get in and a pass to sit in that area)
    11. Gates will open at 7:30 am for guests and the seniors need to be there by 8:00 am.


    Senior Contract - This is now LATE - if you haven't turned it in yet please still do so.  If it's not turned in by Grad Bash and Prom ticket sales you will not be able to buy one until it's turned in. 


    DEBT LIST!  I have a list outside my classroom on the wall - please look and see if your student number is on there and if so be sure to take care of your debt ASAP!


    Cap & Gown orders now need to take place online only.  Late fees are now being assessed. - make sure you look for Forest High School in Ocala to order for the correct school.