TOD: "They may forget what you said, but they'll never forget how you made them feel." _ - Carl W. Buehner

Seventh Grade Civics / Advanced Civics / Sixth Grade World History

  • Seventh Grade Civics and Advanced Civics

     Page 1 of the U.S. Constituion at the National Archives Civics is a social studies course that aims to provide students with the skills that will enable them to assist in overcoming challenges, obstacles, and improving the community in which we live, at the local, state, and national levels. 


    Throughout this year, students will examine the functions of government - including how laws are created by the legislatures, enforced by the executive branches, and interpreted through the court system.  


    The founders of the United States designed a government that strives to protect the rights of the people and provide for their civic needs. This year OMS seventh grade students will study the United States Constitution, the Florida system of government, as well as local government structures.


    The student's task this year is to learn why the U.S. system of government serves as a model for other countries around the world, how the government functions, and the role of an educated citizenry in preserving the nation and its systems of government at the national, state, and local levels. The more one knows about our nation and the world, the more s/he can make sense of events happening in the world today.


    Sixth Grade Advanced World History

    History of the World!!


    Sixth Grade Social Studies provides an in-depth study and analysis of the world’s ancient civilizations.  Students will learn about the people and events that helped shape the major Western and non-Western civilizations of the world. 


    This course will begin with the early Stone Age and end with the Roman Empire, a time span that will cover nearly 7,000 years.  Significant emphasis will be placed on the everyday lives, problems, and various accomplishments of these civilizations as well as their role in developing social, economic, and political structures, which connect the ancient and contemporary worlds.


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