Students will be required to complete:

        - Check in daily

        - Weekly classwork assignments

        - Discussion questions and responses

        - Quizes

        - PT Plan

        - Uniform


    Daily check in:

    - Students will be required to check in through Google classroom on a daily basis.  Attendance is still required. Alternate methods will be discussed on a case by case basis.

    - Check in will count toward the Cadets weekly Leadership grade.

    Weekly Classwork Assignments:

    - As before, I will post on Google Classroom the text for the lesson.  Cadets will need to read it, answer the review questions and write out the Key Words with definitions. 

    - The review questions and key words need to be turned in on a Google Doc through the Google classroom.  Cadets should be familiar with this procedure as we have been doing this all year.

    - The weekly work will continue to be graded as a seperate assignment.

    Discussion Questions and Responses:

    - Each week, the Cadets will have a discussion question to answer.  It may be a specfic question or a list of questions that they can pick from.  Grading will be in two parts.

    - The answer to the question must be between 150-250 words with correct grammar and spelling.  This is part one of the grading.

    - The Cadets will then be required to anwers or respond to at least two other Cadets responses to the question.  These responses must be over 50 words and not more than 150. This is part two of the grading.


    - I will post on Google Classroom a quiz containing 5-10 questions.  Cadets are allowed to use there notes.

    - Quiz grades will be their own seperate grade.

    PT Plan:

    - Students have to turn in a weekly PT log. 

    - PT will still be a test grade as always.


    - The Cadets will be required to put their uniforms on, with all their awards and decorations.

    - With the assistance of another person at home, the cadet will have two pictures taken.  One front veiw, and a rear view.  The pictures will be date/time stamped.

    - The Cadets will then upload the pictures to the approciate Google Classroom assignment.


    Students MUST check their school emails on a regular basis, at least 2-3 times daily.  Failure to do this will result in miscommunication and reduced time to complete work.




Last Modified on May 8, 2020