• Math for College Readiness Notes & Assignments

    Below are pdf files containing the notes taken in class (the lesson title is a hyperlink).  Information about assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, and other important stuff is also included.  You will receive only 1 copy of any handout in class.  If you lose it, you can print another copy on your own from the files below.  For extra copies of the weekly KenKen assignments, see links at the left of this page.

    Khan Academy Class Codes 

    Period 4: V77HBCGR
    Period 5: Q4TUPYU2
    Period 6: YWPVAV8U
    Khan Academy assigments count as homework and appear in the gradebook as "KA mm/dd."

    NOTE: The due date shown on Khan Academy is the actual due date for full credit... If you complete the assignments after that date for partial credit, email me so I know to check your grade.