Ms.Crosby's Kindergarten Class

  • Dear Parents,

         Kudos to you Parents!  All of you have navigated to Google Classroom and have found the list of assignments.  New assignments will be posted each Monday at 8am, and are due by the following Sunday.  Everyone is feeling overwhelmed and stressed during this uncertain time.  If you or your child are not able to complete an assignment due to tech issues, or if you need to just mentally step-back, and need an extension on an assignment, please reach out to me via email, classtag, or call me (352) 895-0657.  I am happy to help in any way that I can.  I am investigating zoom or some other outlet in order for our "littles" to get together and have time to touch base with one another.  I have security concerns regarding zoom, and do not want our littles exposed to inappropriate content.  I am not promising we will video chat in the future, but that I am open to the idea and am researching possible avenues to making that happen.  Right now, I am just thrilled we all made it to Google Classroom!

    * Please be sure you are checking in with our assigned special area teacher, and know what is expected.  Special Area Teachers are also required to give assignments, as well as take grades and attendance.  The best way to know what each Special Area Teacher needs is to check their webpage.       


    *Please note that I am working my regular teaching hours and will respond to any and all communication asap.  The times listed below are specific times where I am literally sitting in front of my computer going back and forth between classtag, email, and google classroom.  This is time that I am specifically setting aside each day, strictly for communciation.


    Communication Hours

    10:00 a.m. -11:00 am

    1:00 p.m. -2:00 pm



    Week 1: P.E.-refer to Ms.Behr's webpage

    Week 2:  Technology- refer to Mrs. Leppala's webpage

    Week 3:  TV Production-Refer to Mrs.Self's webpage






    1. Have your child log onto their MCPS portal using the username and password that they have used at school all year. 

    2. Look for the Outlook icon, this is where their student email is located. Each student should have recieved an email invite to our google classroom. If you do not see an invite follow the directions below to manually join our class. 

    3. On the student portal look for the Google Classroom Icon (It is green and looks like a person standing in front of a green chalkboard) and click on it

    4. In the upper left hand corned click on the + symbol

    5. Input our class code: cu3hojk