Welcome to English III and AICE General Paper.

  • Students in English III and AICE General Paper may view this web page to receive assignments when absent, weekly homework, and upcoming test dates.


    I need my students to e-mail me daily or at least every other day and let me know you are working on the assignments. If I do not hear from you for three days in a row, I will mark you absent. 


    My e-mail: Dc.Burkett-Blackburn@marion.k12.fl.us


    PLEASE NOTE: It is a capital D, and a lower case c, followed by a dot. It is a capital B in Burkett. The rest of Burkett is lower case. It is a capital B for Blackburn. The rest of Blackburn is lower case. Remember the hyphen in Burkett-Blackburn. 

Attendance for my Students