School Counseling & Assessment

  • The dual goals of the School Counseling & Assessment Department are to provide student assessment data to schools, parents, and students, and to provide leadership and support for school counselors and counseling programs.


    Student assessment data drives decision making at every level of educational programming. The School Counseling & Assessment Department provides quality student assessment services to schools, including the administration of standardized tests and scoring and reporting of achievement data. Other services include consultation and training in school accountability data, program evaluation, research, and use of assessment data.


    The Marion County Comprehensive School Counseling Plan is designed to build student success in the program’s three content areas of Academic Achievement, Career Development, and Social/Personal Development. This data driven program meets the needs of all students by helping them acquire competencies and knowledge of self and others. The School Counseling & Assessment Department provides leadership and program support for school counselors as they implement the program, with the assistance of the School Counseling Leadership Team.


    Through the provision of student performance data and the facilitation of school counseling programs, the School Counseling & Assessment Department plays a central role in assisting Marion County Public Schools in developing successful citizens--every student, every day.