• May 26, 2020

    This week will wrap up your final lessons for the year. You will be working on Topic 2: Integers and Rational Numbers. All assignments will be due on May 30th. Our focus is on Lessons 2-4, 2-5, and 2-6. You will need to work on both Khan Academy and Pearson Realize this week. Look at the Assignments page and follow the directions there. Your final test will be derived from the three quizzes you take on Pearson Realize, so there will be NO separate test taken.  


    May 19, 2020

    ATTENTION: Zoom Meetings for this WEEK are cancelled. I am giving you this week to complete all missing assignments, earn extra credit for your test by completing the Pearson Realize assignments, and focus on wrapping up your quarter on a strong note. If you need me, I am here for you. Please contact me if you have questions or need help with anything.


    May 14, 2020

    Due to the number of students who are not prepared for the test tomorrow, I am postponing it until Monday, May 18th. The test will be open to you from 9:05a.m. until 3:50p.m. Please make sure you log in and take your test during that time.


    May 7, 2020  (Week of May 8-15th--Friday to Friday)

    This week, you have assignments on Pearson Realize and Khan Academy. Please go to the Assignments Page and read through it for this week. Important changes and information is located there. Make sure to look at every section so that you don't miss anything. You will take an assessment on Thursday. I will post the location of the test next week. It will be scheduled during school hours only. Extra Credit Opportunities are located on Pearson Realize. Make sure you do your scheduled work on time. If you are struggling with a skill, send me a picture of the problem today or tomorrow and we will work it out during our Zoom meeting on Wednesday.


    May 4, 2020

    This week, you will complete the assignments on Khan Academy that are due May 8th. I STRONGLY urge you to look at the work by Tuesday. If you are struggling with surface area, you need to send me a picture of the problem ON/BEFORE Tuesday. I will have it drawn out to solve during the Tutoring Opportunity Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 11:00.

    Today, you should submit all assignments that are due on Khan Academy for May 4th (if you have not already done so). If you are having difficulty with anything, you need to contact me before the day work is due. Do NOT wait until the night before or the day of to contact me. That is not being responsible as a student and I may not be able to help you at the last minute. Be mindful of due dates, please. Remember, due dates will NOT be extended going forward. If work is not submitted on time, your grade will reflect that you completed it late. Grades will be lowered by 5 points for each day it is late. It should not take you more than an hour to complete the assignments you have, if you stay on task. 

    Assessment: You will be taking a test next week. It will be on everything we've covered on finding area. If you are needing additional help, this week is the week to get with me.


    April 27, 2020

    Go to Assignments and begin your work for this week. There will be NO LATE WORK accepted this week, so please pace yourself, look at due dates, and do the work. You have three assignments this week. The first is your assessment which is due by Wednesday and the other two are due on Monday.

    Reminder: If you need help on your assignments (not test/quizzes) you can join me on Wednesday at 11:00 on Zoom. Just follow the link on the Assignments page. Remember to send me a picture of the problem you are struggling with the DAY BEFORE our meeting. That allows me to draw it out so we can work it out together.


    Final Reminder: April 23, 2020

    Tomorrow, April 24th, is the last day to submit the following assignments. You have two assignments on Pearson Realize for Topic 7. One is a practice activity and the other is a quiz. The window to complete them is tomorrow and then you will no longer have access to them. I WILL NOT extend the deadline again. This is the THIRD extension already. Pearson Realize is found by going onto your portal and getting on your e-textbook. The Pearson Realize tab is on the righthand side of your screen. You also had a homework assignment due. Periods 1 and 2 had page 411 and Cambridge Classes had 411-412 to do. Today is the last day to submit that work. 

    **These assignments are from the week of April 13th and were originally due on April 20th. We HAVE moved on to the next skill. You have assignments on Kahn Academy that are due Monday. You need to keep up with your work and pay attention to the DUE DATES. 


    Update: April 21, 2020

    I changed the layout of my webpage, so make sure you look over it completely. I think this layout is more user-friendly, so I hope that will help you find what you need. Make sure that you scroll ALL the way down on the ASSIGNMENTS page. You will find links that you need to complete assignments. Pay attention to the titles of the links so that you go to the correct videos when I assign them. You can always preview what I post, but ALWAYS complete the assignments that are due first.

    Attention Needed: Please go to Khan Academy and look at the assignments that are due April 27th. Those are the ONLY assignments I want you to do that are on there. The other assignments are due later. If you have NOT texted me for your NEW login information, please do so immediately.




    Update: April 20, 2020

    Good morning, as you have probably heard by now, school has been closed for the remainder of the 2020 year. WHAT does that mean? It simply means we will NOT return to BMS to finish out our year. HOW does this affect me? You will finish out the 2020 school year with your teachers virtually, just as you are doing now. Do I HAVE to do the work since school's have been closed? YES! The BUILDINGS have been closed, your EDUCATION has not stopped.


    DUE this week: submit last week's assignments. Those are the homework (pgs. 411 for Periods 1 and 2 and pgs. 411 and 412 for Periods 3-6) and completing the two activities on Pearson Realize that were assigned to you.  You only need to take a snapshot of your homework and send that to me; the rest is a report I will run. MRS. PATRICK'S ASSIGNMENTS ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED, SO DO NOT SPEND TIME ON THOSE ASSIGNMENTS. Focus on your current assignments only.


    FOCUS this week: we will review how to find the area of triangles, quadrilaterals, trapezoids, polygons, and decomposing shapes. These are the skills taught over the past 3 weeks. You will take an assessment next week that covers all of these skills. If you need to, go back and visit the Khan Academy video I posted and look at EACH skill being taught. Have your parent text me at 352-559-9282 and give me permission to create a NEW Khan Academy account for Distant Learning. I am assigning activities on Khan, so you need an account.


    Zoom Meetings: The days we have our meetings have changed to Tuesdays and Thursdays. CAMBRIDGE CLASSES are at 11:00 and REGULAR CLASSES are at 1:00. Please join your meeting time only. Remember the following rules for our meetings: quiet background, camera on, audio muted unless you are talking to me, and YOUR name. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE MEETING BEGINS TO ASK HOW TO ACCESS THE MEETING. Once we start, I will not be stopping to text/e-mail for that meeting. You will have to wait until the next meeting day to join us. Please be responsible and plan ahead. THE NEW MEETING ID CODE IS POSTED UNDER THE ASSIGNMENT TAB. 




    contacting me:

    You may contact me at Shelah.davis-hadley@marion.k12.fl.us, or at 352-671-6235, ext. 55045. 

    • make sure to leave your name (parent), student's name, phone number, and a brief message if calling
    • please include student's name in all forms of communication 
    • students, you may contact me via your school e-mail address; no personal student e-mail accounts will be responded to
    • please allow up to 24 hours for me to return e-mails/calls
      • replies will be made as soon as possible-typically less than 3 hours

    You may also contact me at 352-559-9282 during the hours of 8:30a.m. and 4:00p.m. This is also the number I will be contacting you from, so you may want to save it under my name. I would suggest using this number first, because it will be the fastest way to contact me.


    If you, or your parents, need to speak with me, you may call me during my office hours. The morning time is 10:00-11:00  and afternoon time is 12:00-1:00. If these hours are not convenient for you, please e-mail me a time that is convenient and I will call you then.


    Beginning Monday, April 13th, you will be able to access your daily assignments, lessons, instructional videos/PowerPoints, and due dates right here on my teacher website. Check the website daily for updates.


    • 2-3 assignments per week (made up of homework, participation, and classwork)
    • quizzes/assessments


    • assignments given for class work and homework
    • assessments
    • quizzes

    All assignments will be due on Monday of the following week UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. That gives you approximately 5-7 days to complete your weekly math assignments. If you have an issue with technology, please let me know so we can troubleshoot and figure it out. Do not wait until your assignments are due to let me know you are having a problem with technology or the assignments. If you do not have access to a device, their are paper copies available that I can e-mail to you for printing, or you can contact the school and pick one up.