Student Management


    Student Management Team

    Mrs. Bashannon Hinson, Assistant Principal 

    Mr. Matthew Daubenmire, Dean 

    Ms. Essie Dortch, Dean  

    At the beginning of every school year, our Student Managment Team visits every classroom.  During these visits, students are introduced to the administrative staff, cover academic requirements to successfully complete middle school,  review the dress code polices, and a whole lot more.  Students and parents may review this information by clicking on the following link: 


    23-24 Student Code of Conduct

    Student Handbook

    School Wide Expectations



    There is no place students reveal their manners or reflect the training they have received at home more conspicuously than in the lunchroom. We urge all students to use the cafeteria as a pleasant place to talk quietly, relax and enjoy their lunch.


    Howard takes pride in being a school that focuses on character education as well as academics. The positive actions of students are rewarded and as a result we have a school that often serves as a model for others to follow.

    From time to time it becomes necessary to discipline children for misbehavior. All teachers are responsible for putting in place a classroom management procedure that will enhance the opportunity for learning to take place for all students.


    The following interventions will be used to correct student behavior:

    1. Proximity Control
    2. Verbal correction
    3. Private conference with student
    4. Change of seat
    5. Parent contact
    6. Student Intervention Checklist
    7. Bull Break
    8. Guidance Referral
    9. Conference with Dean

    NOTE: Teachers are not limited to nor required to use all steps before writing a discipline referral.  Parent Contact will be given by person writing the referral (or designee) within a timely manner.


    A student’s failure to respond to the attempts by the teacher and parent(s) to change or correct misconduct may result in a discipline referral being written. The student will then meet with the Student Management Office (SMO) in an adequate time to discuss the behavior in question. Howard Middle will follow the Marion County Code of Student Conduct when a child is sent to the office for disciplinary reasons.


    1. Aggressive Physical Contact with another Student.
    2. Blatant disrespect.
    3. Drugs, weapons, alcohol.
    4. Willful disobedience/defiance.