• Hello Students & Parents,

    We are off to a great start and the students have adapted well to this new normal with masks or shields.  We are still catching up for lost time but we are working hard to become proficient.  Keep practicing with your children every day.  

    Most of you are keeping in contact through Class Dojo which I'm grateful for.  Although, I understand the circumstances that we are enduring but attentance matters Please make sure your child is present everyday as well as on time. 

    My motto is "We will do the best we can with what we have to work with!"  We are a team and I will need your support as well as understanding throughout our journey this year.  I am very approachable and feel strongly that if you have any questions or concerns that you address them with me either by Dojo messaging, phone, or conference.  I am here for you also as well as your child.  Finally, stay safe and well.  We are all in this together and I cannot thank you enough for partnering in your Childs education.  AYE parents rock!

  • Class Schedule

    7:15 -7:35 -    Breakfast

    7:40 -8:10 -    Social Studies 

    8:10 -9:40 -    ELA (Reading, language, grammar)

    9:40-10:20 -   Enrichment/intervention (individualized snack)

    10:20-11:10 - Specials (Art, PE, PE, PE, Music)

    11:10-11:50 - Science 

    11:50-12:20 - MTSS (Enrichment/intervention)

    12:20-12:22 - Bathroom/sanitize

    12:22-12:50 - Lunch

    12:50 -1:10 -  Recess (bathroom/sanitize)

     1:10 - 2:35 -  Math

     2:35 - 2:48 -  Differentiated instruction

               2:50 -  Dismissal


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