Discipline Office

  • Reminders for Parents and Students:


    Leaving Campus

    Students may NOT leave campus during the day unless they have properly checked out through the Attendance Office. Once students have arrived on campus, they may not leave without following the proper check-out procedure.

    Students who leave campus without permission for any reason will be subject to suspension.


    Dress Code

    As the weather changes, we understand students' desire to be comfortable in the heat or cold. No matter the weather, we expect students to dress with modesty and good taste. Stocking caps or hoodies may be worn for cold weather, but must be removed upon entering a building.

    Detailed Dress Code information can be found in the student handbook. Here are a few highlights:

      • Shorts must be mid-thigh.
      • All undergarments must be completely covered.
      • Tank tops must have straps at least a dollar bill (3”) wide. Strapless or off-the shoulder tops are not allowed.
      • Tight fitting spandex pants or leggings must be worn with a top that covers to the mid-thigh.
      • NO HATS, beanies, "do rags", skull caps.
      • Masks or face coverings must be worn when social distancing is not possible


    Cell Phones

    Cell phones are to be OFF and NOT VISIBLE in any classroom without teacher permission.

    Use of a wireless communications device includes the possibility of the imposition of disciplinary action by the school and/or criminal penalties if the device is used in a criminal act. Using or possessing a wireless communication device to view or transfer or store material of a sexual nature is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and may be a criminal act. A school principal or a school employee designated by the principal may search a cell phone if there is a reasonable suspicion that it contains prohibited material.

    The unauthorized recording and/or photographing of employees, volunteers, and/or students is prohibited. Additionally, students who are caught handling a cell phone in any way during a test may receive a zero on the test.


    Notice to Students

    A school principal or a school employee designated by the principal may search students, lockers, vehicles, or other areas when there is a reasonable suspicion that prohibited or illegally possessed substances or object is contained within the area pursuant to Florida Statutes.


    School Rules

    School rules, procedures, and policies may be found in the Student Handbook.


    Parking Permits

    Parking permits cost $25 per year. Students may pick up application forms in the discipline office or click on the application link to print a copy.