Student Wireless Access Policy

  • Students may elect, with parent permission, to bring their personal laptops to school for educational purposes. The use of such laptop in class is at the sole discretion of the teacher and is to be used only with the teacher’s approval.


    Please be aware that Forest High & Marion County Schools will not repair, service or troubleshoot a student electronic device. Students are responsible for the security of their laptop and should not leave it unattended.


    It is a privilege, not a right to use your laptop on campus. A violation of County and School rules will be dealt with based on the guidelines in the Student Code of Conduct. 


    The MCPS Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines for Network Access applies to all use of computers on campus, even personal laptops. (Parents and students may read the Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines for Network Access in the MCPS Code of Student Conduct, page 13.)


    Students bringing their personal laptops to school agree to the following: 

    1. School and/or district personnel will not check or troubleshoot issues with student-owned laptops. 
    2. If a student laptop is believed to have been involved in any activity that is not acceptable (as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct), school personnel have the right to check the laptop for such activity and will follow the Student Code of Conduct for any disciplinary action required. 
    3. Each student will access the Internet via the MCPS/FHS wireless network using his/her Student Active Directory account. (Username/password available from any teacher or the media center). 
    4. The login screen will appear when the student opens the Internet browser within range of a wireless access point. (At this time, wireless access points are located in C & D hallways, media center, TV Productions, A166, building 11 and the cafeteria.) 
    5. Students are not allowed to connect to the WIRED network with personally owned laptops. If this happens, the student will not be allowed to bring laptop to school for the remainder of the school year and his/her account will no longer be authorized to connect to the wireless network. 
    6. MCPS can limit a student’s access to the MCPS wireless network. 
    7. MCPS can remove any laptop from the MCPS wireless network due to inappropriate activity. 
    8. All laptop Internet content will be filtered. Students tempting to circumvent the filter will be removed from the wireless network. 
    9. Handheld devices or portable game controllers will not be allowed to connect to the MCPS network. 
    10. MCPS and/or FHS will not be responsible if the laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged. Care of the laptop is the sole responsibility of the student.


    Laptop Requirements:

    • 1 GHz or above processor
    • 512 MB RAM or above
    • Wireless network card: must support 802.11 B/G standards
    • Laptop bag, recommended

Student Desktop

  • All Marion County Public School students have access to a variety of tools via the Student Desktop. This desktop is available from home and school.

    Student Desktop Access


    Tools available via the Student Desktop (as of 10/24/11):

    Student Grades including GPA, Class Rank, Grade History, FCAT History, ACT, SAT, and Attendance information.

    Links to

    • MAPNET (school bus routes)
    • FAFSA
    • CCC –Video on Demand
    • Live@edu Email
    • SkyDrive
    • Destiny (card catalog)
    • School web page by clicking on the browser icon located on the desktop.


    For security, students must be sure to use the Log Off button (Click FHS button in the lower left and then click the "On/Off" button on the pop up menu.)


    Student Desktop Help Icon is available on the desktop with two videos and transcript:

    • Navigation, Dashboard Use and Example of FCAT Explorer
    • SkyDrive Access
    • FAQ Page


    Student Accounts

    Each student attending Forest High School has been assigned a Student Account login and password so he/she can work from any computer on campus and save his/her documents to a personalized folder located on our servers.

    A student’s login is firstname.lastname and he/she can obtain a password from any of his/her teachers, the Media Center, or Ms. Young.

    If a student forgets his/her password or needs it to be reset, he/she should see Ms. Young.



    Students have been given a fantastic opportunity to have access to 25 GB of collaborative storage space and school email accounts. Students can log into Live@edu to access their accounts.


    Using Live@edu, students can email their peers and teachers and also share their files that they can access from any computer with an Internet connection. (These accounts do not allow access to or from external email accounts. They can only be used to email to teachers and students within Marion County Public Schools and the College of Central Florida.)


    Instructions on how to log in for the first time



  • The Testing Coordinator and Guidance Staff coordinate and administer several tests each school year and also keep students informed about the College Board SAT and ACT testing dates. Tests given include the PSAT, Florida Writes Assessment, and FCAT. In addition to the standardized tests, the counselors also give the IPT tests to ESOL students and the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test to students with special needs.


    ACT & SAT

    Register online for your standardized test at the following sites: 


    Testing Calendars

    Florida Standards Assessments Notification Letters