Clubs & Organizations

  • Philosophy:

    In Marion County we believe that an extra-curricular program of clubs, organizations, and activities offers a positive and valuable dimension to the overall growth of young people into productive, responsible adults. We encourage participation as a means to provide young people with experiences, which will convert to meaningful learning. 


    These experiences include, but are not limited to:

    • Discovery and development of leadership skills;
    • Opportunity for active citizenship participation;
    • Opportunity for self-expression and initiative;
    • Promotion of creative abilities;
    • Development of individual and group responsibility;
    • Opportunity to demonstrate skills learned in the classroom; and
    • Development of skills for use in future life. 

    Student Membership Requirements:

    Students are encouraged to join and participate in clubs. Membership requirements are contained in each club’s constitution and by-laws; however, there are general regulations regarding eligibility for membership in any clubs and organizations.


    In accordance with the Marion County School Board and established school policies, individuals involved in activity programs must meet certain requirements. Prior to joining a club all students must:

    • Have a minimum 2.0 unweighted cumulative GPA and meet the club’s requirements.
    • Meet individual school participation fee requirements.
    • Complete the Yellow Student Participation and Parental Approval Form.  
    • All members must abide by the Marion County Code of Student Conduct for both on and off campus activities. 

    All clubs are encouraged to participate in school/community service learning projects.

Academic Team 

 Club:  Academic Team
 Website:  Academic Team Website
 Sponsor:  Ms. Vickie Treuleib
 Purpose:  Compete in academic competitions at the local, state, and national levels.
 Requirements:  Desire to excel in FHS Academic Team competitions and maintain good student conduct. Come to practices regularly. Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. No debts owed to the school. To become a captain or co-captain of the team, you must: arrive to practices on time, wear the proper uniform at meets, be a leader, have good social skills and be able to answer a variety of trivia questions.
 Grade Levels:  All Grades (9-12)
 Dues:  $22.00 plus $15.95 for the team shirt.
 Major Activities:  There are competitions throughout the school year. At meets we are required to wear the FHS Academic Team polo and slacks or males (shirt, tie, slacks, socks, closed toe shoes)females(dresses mid thigh length or longer, slacks and dress shirt etc.)Trophies are awarded to all members of the team that wins at the district or regional level. One M.V.P. will be chosen, at the end of the season, from both the J.V. and varsity team. This player will receive individual recognition and a very special
 Fundraisers:  To be determined.

Art Club 

 Club:  Art Club
 Website:  Art Club Website
 Sponsor:  Mr. John Yakulevich
 Purpose:  To have fellowship and share with those who love the arts. Students are encouraged to prepare work for and participate in local art shows and contests.
 Requirements:  2.0 GPA and a desire to create
 Grade Levels:  All Grades (9-12)
 Dues:  $15
 Major Activities:  Students meet at school in Room B-159 each Monday for fellowship, work on projects and to share with those who love the arts. Students are encouraged to prepare work for and participate in local art shows and contests.
 Fundraisers:  Various

Fhs Wildcat Band 

 Club:  FHS Wildcat Band
 Website:  FHS Wildcat Band Website
 Sponsor:  Mr. Jones
 Purpose:  To perform music at the highest level possible. Band is not a club but a co-curricular activity balancing academics with extra-curricular activities while learning musical knowledge required by the Sunshine State Standards.
 Requirements:  Previous experience from middle school band or by permission of the director. 2.0 GPA, good discipline record. OR, if no experience, successful completion of the Music Techniques class with recommendation of the band director.
 Grade Levels:  All Grades (9 - 12)
 Dues:  $275 per year. $200 if sibling also in band. Can be paid by fundraising or payment plan. Our football concessions regularly lower this amount significantly.
 Major Activities:  Football performances and marching competitions, solo and ensemble recital and FBA festival, All-District and All-County honor bands, concert band concerts and FBA MPA, colorguard, drumline, and Jazz Band.
 Fundraisers:  Various fundraisers including cookie dough sale, football concessions, car wash/yard sale...mostly service type projects. Forest has a very active and effective band booster organization that meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in the band room.

National Honor Society 

 Club:  National Honor Society
 Website:  National Honor Society Website
 Sponsor:  John Crawford, Bethany Crawford
 Purpose:  To promote the ideals of scholarship, character, leadership and service.
 Requirements:  Sophmores, Juniors, and 1st Semeser Seniors are eligible for application for membership in the Forest High School's chapter of the National Honor Society. All prospective members must meet the four key components as DEFINED at the NATIONAL level of NHS: 1. Scholarship - Students who have a cumulative grade point average of a 3.5 UNWEIGHTED meet the scholarship requirement for membership. These students are then eligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership, and character. 2. Ser
 Grade Levels:  10 - 12 NHS
 Dues:  $20.00
 Major Activities:  The primary activity of NHS is to provide tutoring to FHS students. We are also involved with school wide-collections for Kimberly's Cottage, the food bank, stockings for soldiers and other school sponsored activities. The leadership team and members are encouraged to supply ideas both at FHS and within the community for more club involvement.
 Fundraisers:  The fundraisers are based on the needs of the NHS. Currently there are no on-going fund raisers.

Spanish Club 

 Club:  Spanish Club
 Website:  Spanish Club Website
 Sponsor:  Ms. Norma Lanci
 Purpose:  The Spanish Club offers exposure to the Spanish speaking world and its cultures. It's purpose is to be educational and fun for its members.
 Requirements:  Currently or previously enrolled in a Spanish class, 2.0 GPA
 Grade Levels:  All
 Dues:  $20
 Major Activities:  Dining out at local Latin American restaurants, adopting families at Christmas and Thanksgiving, Pennies for Patients donation, food drives, various community service projects
 Fundraisers:  Candy sales and Coupon for Education

Florida Public Service Association (FPSA) 

 Club:  Criminal Justice
 Website:  Florida Public Service Association (FPSA) Website
 Sponsor:  Ms. Lillie Smith
 Grade Levels:  
 Major Activities:  

Future Business Leaders Of America (FBLA) 

 Club:  Future Business Leaders Of America (FBLA)
 Website:  Future Business Leaders Of America (FBLA) Website
 Sponsor:  Ms. Kelly Panasuk
 Purpose:  FBLA allows students to strengthen their communication skills, gain leadership, and become exposed to diverse people with different ideas from around the world! Members will grow as a person as they work with their peers, who will encourage them to better their selves and strive to reach their goals.
 Requirements:  A desire to gain business and leadership skills. A desire to promote community involvement. A desire to compete in business events and earn scholarship money.
 Grade Levels:  All levels (9-12)
 Dues:  $30.00
 Major Activities:  *Regional Competition++second week in February*State Competion++second weekend in April*National Competition++last weekend in June
 Fundraisers:  Fundraisers are done throughout the year to earn money for State Leadership Conference. SLC is a chance to Compete at the State level once members have placed at Regional level.

Future Farmers Of America (FFA) 

 Club:  Future Farmers Of America (FFA)
 Website:  Future Farmers Of America (FFA) Website
 Sponsor:  Mr. Dewie Brewton
 Grade Levels:  All levels (9-12)
 Dues:  $20
 Major Activities:  

Health Occupations Students Of America (HOSA) 

 Club:  Health Occupations Students Of America (HOSA)
 Website:  Health Occupations Students Of America (HOSA) Website
 Sponsor:  Ms. Kim McManis, Mrs. Sunny Collins
 Purpose:  Introduce students to leadership skills, community responsibility, environmental concerns, and to provide an overview of medical field careers and services
 Requirements:  Medical Skills and Health Science 1 open to all students. Health Science 2 - completed Health Science 1 with an 85% or higher and teacher recommendation. Allied Health Assisting - completed Health Science 1 and 2 with 85% or higher, complete application process, and teacher recommendation
 Grade Levels:  
 Dues:  $30.00 10th,11th,12th grades $10.00 9th grade
 Major Activities:  School-wide blood drive, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, March of Dimes, American Cancer society, Our Own Games, teacher appreciation
 Fundraisers:  popcorn sales & bake sales

American Teen Cancer Society 

 Club:  American Teen Cancer Society
 Website:  American Teen Cancer Society Website
 Sponsor:  Mrs. Denise Almgren
 Purpose:  American Teen Cancer Society is a service club to help raise awareness of a variety of cancers and to help raise money for research.
 Requirements:  No requirements
 Grade Levels:  All levels (9-12)
 Dues:  $3
 Major Activities:  Light the Night, Andrew J. Semesco Foundation, Relay for Life
 Fundraisers:  Bake sales, Relay for Life, Kiss Away Cancer campaign, cake auction


 Club:  ASTRA
 Website:  ASTRA Website
 Sponsor:  Ms. Sapp
 Purpose:  ASTRA is a community service club for male and female students!
 Requirements:  Members need to attend meetings regularly and participate in at least one monthly service project.
 Grade Levels:  All levels (9-12)
 Major Activities:  Community service projects include: clothing teddy bears for the Salvaiton Army, creating and delivering Valentine's Day cards to a nursing home, participating in teacher appreciation week, and walking for the March of Dimes.


 Club:  ATLAS
 Website:  ATLAS Website
 Sponsor:  Mrs. Pharmer
 Purpose:  ATLAS is a community service and leadership club for girls.
 Requirements:  2.0 GPA and participation in service projects
 Grade Levels:  10th, 11th, and 12th
 Dues:  $25.00
 Major Activities:  

Airforce Junior ROTC 

 Club:  Air Force Junior ROTC
 Website:  AFJROTC Website
 Sponsor:  Maj. George Clarke, MSgt. David Fletcher, MSgt. Robert Martinson
 Purpose:  The Mission of the AF JROTC program at Forest High School is to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community. We instill values of Citizenship, Service to the United States, Personal Responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.
 Requirements:  2.0 GPA, good discipline record in and out of class,
 Grade Levels:  All Grades (9-12)
 Dues:  $40.00 participation fee covers insurance, ribbons, PT uniforms and community service shirt
 Major Activities:  Classroom study, drill, color guard and rifle teams, athletic competitions, field trips, various community service and charitable activities. Summer Leadership School.
 Fundraisers:  Silver Springs Clean-up - Car washes - Calendar Sales

Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (FCA) 

 Club:  Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (FCA)
 Website:  Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (FCA) Website
 Sponsor:  Mr. Mickey Jensen
 Purpose:  Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization designed to help student-athletes grow spiritually and bring others to know Christ. F.C.A. is an interdenominational ministry that is Christ centered and Bible based.
 Requirements:  2.0 GPA
 Grade Levels:  All Grades (9 - 12)
 Dues:  None
 Major Activities:  Cook-outs
 Fundraisers:  Coupons for Education

Student Government Association (SGA) 

 Club:  Student Government Association (SGA)
 Website:  Student Government Association (SGA) Website
 Sponsor:  Mrs. J.J. Merians
 Purpose:  SGA students are focused on giving the students of FHS a voice in their school government and cultivating ideas of service and proper leadership in our future citizens. Students also become a part of the appropriate grade level organization Freshman Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, Senior Class.
 Requirements:  2.0 cumulative GPA, Approved Discipline, Approved Attendance, Completed Campaign Agreement Form
 Grade Levels:  All Grades (9-12)
 Dues:  None
 Major Activities:  Homecoming Week, Holiday Canned Drive, Pasta for Pennies Campaign, Mr. & Miss FHS Presentation, Teacher Appreciation Week, School and Community Service.
 Fundraisers:  Homecoming Dance and Kats Kapers

Theatre Club 

 Club:  Theatre Club
 Website:  Theatre Club Website
 Sponsor:  Ms. Rebecca Rajswasser
 Purpose:  The Forest Wildcats’ Theatre Club, Troupe 3069, is a member of the International Thespian Society. Anyone is free to join. See Ms. Rajswasser for details.
 Grade Levels:  
 Major Activities:  

FHS Book Club 

 Club:  FHS Book Club
 Sponsor:  Ms. Pohlers
 Purpose:  • Promote reading at FHS and the community. • Provide a positive forum in which students can be creative in their prospective areas of interest. • Promote community among club members.
 Requirements:  Members must have a 2.0 GPA and turn in required paperwork/dues.
 Grade Levels:  All levels (9-12).
 Dues:  $5.00
 Major Activities:   Volunteering at our library.  Help foster the love of books and reading with young students.  Help at events that celebrate books. This sometime involves dressing up as book characters (Cosplay fun).  Help with school functions: United Way Carnival, Teacher Appreciation Week  Have fun at our monthly nerd’s nite out: movies, games, and building friendships.
 Fundraisers:  To be determined.