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    Columbus "Chris" Watts – AP of Curriculum

    The guidance services available at NMHS are designed to help students' progress successfully through their high school career. Guidance counselors can help students make solid academic and career choices in a variety of ways. Students can receive help in career counseling, course selection, alternative education programs, college information, vocational training, job placement, developing study skills, and other personal concerns. When there is a need to talk to a counselor, it is best to make an appointment with the guidance counselor. Parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate frequently with their child's counselor as well. Additional scholarship and career information may be found in our College and Career lab.

    Credit Deficiency

    Please review your child’s final report card. Students should pass all of their classes and earn 6 credits or more credits each year to stay on track for graduation. If students failed any classes, they will likely need to repeat these classes online. Due to limited spaces available in our classrooms, we are not able to permit students to repeat failed courses at the high school. They must repeat these classes online. One option for credit recover is PLATO.  We offer PLATO in our credit recovery computer lab at school.  Talk to your child’s school counselor for more information on PLATO.  Students may also chose to use Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and Marion Virtual School (MVS) for credit recovery. These are FREE online programs.  Students can work from their home computers or in our credit recovery computer lab if space is available.  There are also other private options available for credit recovery for graduation purposes only from accredited institutions such as Brigham Young University independent study. Students can take online classes or pencil and paper correspondence classes at home.

    Graduation Requirements

    Online Programs

    College Entrance Exams

    The ACT and SAT are exams used for university admission, bright futures scholarship eligibility, and concordant scores for the FCAT. Students entering the 12th grade are strongly encouraged to take one or both of these exams this summer. Students entering the 11th grade who have completed algebra II are also encouraged to sign up. Students can register at SAT registration is at These exams are NOT given at North Marion. Students will select the testing site of their choice when the register. Our school code is 101-465. Enter this code when you register so the testing companies will send us the students’ scores. Practice books can be purchased online or from major bookstores. Students often have to take the exam multiple times to achieve their desired scores. So it is great to practice and begin testing your junior year.

    SAT/ACT Test Dates

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    Community Service

    Community Service Hours

    Work Service Hours

    Community service is NOT required for graduation. However, community service is a great experience for students and can make them more competitive for college admission and scholarships. A minimum of 100 hours is required for the Bright Future's Academic Scholars Award, 75 for the Florida Medallion Scholars Award, and 30 hours for the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award. Summertime is a great chance for students to log those hours. Please remember that students must log hours on the proper forms located in the NMHS guidance office. Volunteers sites must be pre-approved by a guidance counselor or school administrator. All non-profit organizations (churches, hospital, etc) are usually acceptable service sites. 

    NCAA College Requirements

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