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  • North Marion High School

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    Home of the Colts! 

    151 W Hwy 329

    Citra, Fl 32113

    352-671-6010 (P)

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    Colors: Garnet & Gold

    Mascot: Colts


    School Profile

    North Marion High School (NMHS) is located in Citra, Florida.  North Marion High School is a Cambridge Advanced International Certificate in Education (AICE) Center and is also now implementing the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program school wide for the 2020-21 school year.  NMHS has also made an investment in the Rigor, Relevance and Relationships Framework from the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE).    NMHS serves 1400 students in grades 9-12 of which approximately 300 are in the Cambridge AICE Diploma Program.  The demographic breakdown of NMHS is as follows: 56% White, 24.8% African-American, 13.8% Hispanic, and 4.4% Multi-Racial.  This includes 73.1% of student on Free-Reduced Lunch, 15.1% of students receiving services in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and 1.3% of students receiving services as Speakers of Other Languages. 

    The mission of NMHS is to prepare our students in an atmosphere of encouragement, enthusiasm and excellence for further education, future employment and effective citizenship with a Vision of Engaging, enriching, and empowering today's students to become tomorrow's leaders.  North Marion High School operates on a modified block schedule with Block Days every other Wednesday and Thursday to provide extended time for lab experiments, larger projects and assessments.  We provide 50 minute instruction on most days to ensure that students see teachers nearly every day (9 out of every 10 days).  One of the unique features on this school is that many if not most parents attended NMHS which gives the school tremendous community pride (Dubbed Northside Pride locally). 


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