Welcome to Mr.Jones recreational activities class

  • Recreational Activities will consist of learning a variety of activities that you can try as individuals or groups. games such as TD ball, team dodge ball, snorkling, canoeing, archery, capture the chair etc. Also traditional games such as volleyball, soccer, basketball and softball will be played.

     Please go to Please go to ( www.marionschool.net/domaine/7553) (  You may get notes from my web site for the different traditional sports and, other assignments ( volleyball, soccer, basketball etc) when you complete the assignment send to ( david.jones@marion.k12.fl.us)

    A 20 question quiz will be given after traditional sports AKA ( volleyball, basketball, softball, ect.)  Students are required to purchase a school uniform. Uniforms are $20.00 for a teal shirt and black shorts. If you have a gray shirt from ROTC you may use that shirt also.

    grades will be given for dress out 40% of grade. 40% participation, and 20% for quiz and projects) Students will dress out for class ( unless notified by teacher in class) everyday. On block days students will dress out on the block day they are assigned either Thursday or Friday. There will be one project due per 9 weeks. NOTE: because of COVID 19. No project is required for last 9 weeks ( First project will be by small group 3-5 students) Each group will come up with a game that is group oriented. You must have rules ( regulations) and procedures of how to play the game .Students in the class will play the game picked and demonstrated by group. Equipment will be provided in a reasonable amout and if it is available at that time. The second 9 weeks project is an individual project ( each student will analyze the role of games,sports and or physical activities in other cultures) The student will do a 2 page report and present it to the class. on dates assigned by teacher.

    I am looking forward to having you in class!! Disclaimer: ( all information sent by email, Google voice, or any other means, may be monitored. Please respond as if you are in class at all times)












  • Please go to my Teacher Website "Calendar" section for my weekly assignments during the next month. 

    I will not be using Google classroom during this time when the students are not present in the Month of April.

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