• Oakcret Elementary School


    Ms. Gordon's and Mrs. Abner's





    Hello Pre-K Familes, we will be communicating through e-mail and phone conversations. 

    We have given all of our parents our phone numbers. Please e-mail or call with any questions.

    We will be contactacting every family weekly or bi-weekly,   to discuss and share your childs

    academicic, physical and social program of learning and their progress.

    The Pre-K learning packet will be printed and availabe to pick up outside of the school on Mondays.

    If you would like the packet sent to you through e-mail, let us know. 

    Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful activities you are doing with your child.


    I want to also thank all of you, for your conversations and dedication to assisst in your child's learning needs.


    Thank you,

    Ms. Gordon and Mrs. Abner





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